Damsel In The Dollhouse - Dessert: The Feast Of Villains Remixes (2016)

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Damsel In The Dollhouse - Dessert: The Feast Of Villains Remixes (2016)
Damsel In The Dollhouse
Dessert: The Feast Of Villains Remixes
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01. Pristine (Sergeant Sawtooth Pleasure Model Mix)
02. Greed Is Good (nTTx Gordon's Mix)
03. Bloodlust (Paracas Nina Easton Mix)
04. It's a Good Day (Steven OLaf Mix)
05. Room 237 (milan Paris to Versailles)
06. Forever Knight (Real Experts Forever Expert Remix)
07. Mother (Cyborgs On Crack Remix)
08. Lolita (PERPACITY Remix)
09. Darkness (Noisestompmix by LaUD23)
10. War Boy (Mangabros Pacifist Mix)
11. Lucifer (Agrippa's 'Devil in the Dansette' Mix)
12. Villain ("Antagonist" RMX by Blind TEST)
13. Hannibal (Paracas Mix)
14. Greed Is Good (Moneymaker Mix by Lights Out, God Help Me)
15. Bloodlust (At0shima 3rr0r Club Mix)
16. Forever Knight (Dmix by Cabo Joe & Chop-Chop)
17. It's a Good Day (Ds73 Mix)
18. War Boy (Binaural Silence Noisecstasy Remix)
19. Room 237 (Walter Fini - Torrance Remix)
20. Bloodlust (My Own Sorrow Bloodletting Remix)
21. Greed is Good (Pipeline Mix by Society Burning)
22. Darkness (Wade Garrett Gothic Match Remix)
23. Pristine (Deathtrap Filter Remix)
24. Bloodlust (Oira 317 VampMix)
25. Room 237 (Moon Dust Doomremix)
26. Lolita (CHRISTO Remix)
27. Lucifer (Qixoni Remix)
28. Bloodlust (Steven OLaf Mix)
29. Greed Is Good (Vampyria Mix by T-Error Machinez)
30. Room 237 (Remix By Frequenze Of Noize)
31. Mother (Cyborgs on Crack Remix Instrumental)
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