The Cure Is Us - Underneath The Waves (2018)

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The Cure Is Us - Underneath The Waves (2018)
The Cure Is Us
Underneath The Waves
320 kbps
81 mb
01. Lift
02. Just One Kiss
03. Story
04. Book of Life
05. Run and Hide
06. How I Miss You
07. Too Young to Die
08. Everything but Me
09. The Physics of Angels
10. Hello
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FYI ; The Cure Is Us is a band or rather a project that embodies this legacy of perpetuating The Cure’s more-than-music experience in 2017 and beyond. It is a release of brand new and very old songs from various sources, re-recorded, re-mastered and re-released in 2017.

To be clear: we are not a cover band or trying to be The Cure. Rather, we know that many musicians have been so influenced by The Cure that their music is going to sound like The Cure in some way, because their genes have been imprinted, sometimes from the womb, with the music and lyrics of Robert Smith and co.

“The Cure Is Us” is a collaborative efforts by musicians who have been creating music inspired by the legendary band The Cure for many years. Some of the songs featured here were composed or recorded 20 or even 30 years ago! Some a few weeks ago.


CHAMELEON, Thanks for the insights - definitly on the download list ;)

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