Mega Dead Agitator - Rising Terror (2015)

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Mega Dead Agitator - Rising Terror (2015)
Mega Dead Agitator
Rising Terror
320 kbps
98 mb
01. Necropolis Of The Mega Dead
02. Overkill
03. Mad Enforcer
04. Heathen
05. Rising Terror
06. Shocking Rage
07. The Quest
08. Cosmo Tripper
09. Protector's Onslaught
10. Visions From A Distant Future
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No need to pay for this, forget about turboshit!!  Available on soulseek for free pals wink


Wow boringmaz2, hero of all aggro synthwavers, revolution is now! Troll armies of the world unite to fight for the free download of 'Tommy 86' and more...! sleeping


Is not enough to send
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we stil have to suffer censoreship?

Bormaz2 lily-livered bowlegged varmint .... if you got a nickel from stealing other people's're done. Sharing is a healthy sport, this here is not anymore. Hugs & kisses.

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  • 26 May 2018 22:22


support_us.min.js it's not a virus, it's code for crypto currency mining in your browser. why this does not suit you ??
so you'll at least help the site.
if you actively use the site and write comments (except spam) all advertising and mining are automatically disabled.

if you dont like something, go correct your health, a lot of time wasted on the Internet is harmful kissing_heart


I am not into mining for you as long as you post links on turbo-pay-account- This was a nice website, just speak my mind. I am not willing to help a site that is not sharing material, only speculating with some other's work without permission in order to get chash. No hard feelings long as people manage to google things properly u're falling apart. Hugs & Kisses


What's going on with the regular download, I don't know. If anything has been changed to ensure the continued operation of the site, perhaps a hint from DS would be useful.
I just want to point out that there is no human right to free download! The DS team's enthusiasts spend a great deal of their spare time enriching us with cool music! That deserves respect and thanks and no proven uprising, just because a few downloadlinks do not work! Factual criticism must of course be allowed, just think about it!


The only thing I Know is my antivirus (kaspersky) is warning me about
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Just spotted my browser mining - slowing my whole PC down no matter what window was open or closed down - antivirus removed it but it kept returning ... Got the extension NoCoin and so far so good. Where ever this is originating from, its not cool


The origin is this website. Got the same problem here. Finally got rid of the "CODE" as the admin says,
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